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This website gives you direct access to your invoices!  Customers who do business with the Distribution Centre Victoria (DCV), Product Distribution Centre (PDC), Publications Index, and Queens Printer will be able to recall invoices from here.
External PSS Customers: If you are a school board, university or other publicly funded agency who holds an account with PSS you can use this site to download electronic copies of your invoices.  You can find your invoice number and amount on the account statement you received in the mail.   Click here to see a sample.
Internal Government Customers: You will be able to use your the CAS accounting number associated with a PSS transaction in order to recall an Invoice.  For a graphic of what information to use from your CAS report, click here.
You will require the ability to view Adobe PDF documents. Click the help link in the top right corner to find a link to Adobe.
If there are any problems or questions with your Invoice or this site please call Carolyn Van Somer, at 387-4179 or Carolyn.VanSomer@gov.bc.ca.

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